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Writing about Body Image, LGBTQ+ life, Mental Health, and Trauma Recovery. Instagram: @julieannewhit
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If you’re looking for an inspiring, body-positive article, this isn’t it.

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How anxiety keeps me locked inside myself

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Refusing to accommodate the needs of larger bodies is not “care,” it’s neglect

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Grieving the loss of an addict who never got the help he deserved

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Utilizing the power of theater to open your heart and expand your mind

Spoiler: I didn’t find it

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What it feels like to be underpaid, overworked, and under-appreciated

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For many Millennials, the decision to have children has been made for us

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1 in 10 women do, but most of us have no idea

Photo by Sasun Bughdar via Unsplash

What is endometriosis?

Julie-Anne Whitney

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